Precious Gems Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies was founded in 2010 when Leonie Ferreira, a Graphic Designer applied her artistic skills to cake design.

Leonie's path to making cakes began when she started baking cupcakes and birthday cakes for her children. The cupcakes proved to be a huge hit, and it wasn't long before the business grew and Leonie began making beautiful and elaborately decorated novelty cakes. 

In Sydney there is a growing demand for Eggless cakes, to cater to this demand Leonie tried and tested several recipies and takes pride in creating delicious cakes without eggs. You won't be disappointed, we promise.

Being a Graphic Designer, she has always had a desing-led approach to cake decorating, loves a challenge and treats each cake design as an individual piece of art. Her background as an artist and designer shines through in all her creations.

You can contact Leonie on 0411 176 533 for orders and enquiries.